Will you buy the Wii U?

The Nintendo Wii U and the handheld tablet controller.
The Nintendo Wii U.

As I wait eagerly (and impatiently) for WWE 13 to come out on Oct. 30, I have been pondering the state of the video games industry. It seems to me that many titles have gotten pushed into 2013.

I think this is most likely because developers and publishers are waiting for announcements from the big three (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) about their upcoming consoles before they commit to release dates or announce any more upcoming projects. It just feels like the holiday season release list is bare this year.

If you take a look at my poll on the right side of the page, you’ll see a short list of big releases for fall 2012. Is it because of pushed back titles? Is it because the gaming industry is running out of ideas? Running out of money? I don’t know, but I do know that this year is atypical. Last year, I remember thinking, “How will I ever afford all the games I want?” To this day, there are a lot of games I still have on my list of games to buy. This year, that just isn’t the case though.

Now let’s take a look at Nintendo’s new system. The Nintendo Wii U will launch in November and I’m not so sure it’s a console I want to own; ever. I’ve purchased a 3DS, two of them actually (with the second after I sold the first) and I grew bored quickly. You can read my review of Super Mario 3D Land. Mario Kart 7 wasn’t much better.

The problem is that the system just doesn’t have much out on the market and while the 3DS is a tremendously amazing machine, without a large (and good) library of games, no system is all that interesting. I have the same problem with the Vita. There just aren’t enough games out and not enough coming out to justify owning these systems. I won’t get into the mobile games competition debate now, but we all know that has a lot to do with the lack of support for these handhelds.

Still, it leaves me scratching my head as to whether the Wii U will do well. The launch lineup looked really strong but since has gotten weaker. With a lot of pushed back titles and games like New Super Mario Bros. U (another one? Really?!) and Nintendo Land, which is still highly shrouded in mystery (probably because they don’t want to show how much it sucks), I just don’t see the Wii U doing too well. Even if it does, I bought a Wii and grew bored with it (three times actually), bought the 3DS and grew bored with it, twice, and I just don’t know if I want to go through that again with the Wii U.

So what do you think of the Wii U? Please tell me in the comments.