13 years of WWE gaming

WWF Warzone for Sony PlayStation.

At the beginning of 1999, I was in the seventh grade and my mom told me that if I did well in school that year, I could get a PlayStation. As I explained before, the Sony PlayStation was the first console I ever owned that was truly mine. Of course, I did well in school that year and I got my PlayStation. In an earlier post, I said that I spent that summer trying all the flavors the system had on offer. However, it wasn’t until I rented a game by the name of WWF Warzone that I fell in love with wrestling. And wrestling games.

Purchasing every single game in the the series that started out as WWF Smackdown! then became Smackdown vs. Raw and more recently, become the yearly WWE games is a tradition that is very important to me. When the first one came out in March of 2000, I remember thinking it was the greatest wrestling game ever made, but THQ has changed that opinion over and over again.

WWF Smackdown for the Sony PlayStation.

Every year around May or June, THQ announces the next installment in the series and for months, the fans, myself included, speculate on the countless features that have been added, taken out or altered in the upcoming game. We speculate on who will make the roster and who won’t. We even speculate on everything from wrestler entrances to new gameplay aspects.

Each piece of news or information that trickles down from THQ’s Senior Creative Director for the WWE games Cory Lesdesma or the game’s head designer Bryan Williams comes with more excitement than a sports fan’s favorite football team winning the Super Bowl.

WWE 13 for Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

Each game keeps me coming back for more because there is always something new and exciting (or improved from the year before) to enjoy. The annual release of these games is like my Super Bowl. On Oct. 30, WWE 13, the newest installment in the series will release at retail. The best thing about this year’s game is that it includes the Attitude Era, which represents the period between about 1996-2001 in WWE’s history. This means that a lot of the superstars that were in the games back when I first became excited about wrestling games are in this year’s game. Monday, Oct. 29 at midnight, I’ll be at GameStop picking up my copy. For the next 24 hours, it’ll be non-stop body slams, character creation, playing online, earning PlayStation Trophies, customizing the game to my liking and living out dream matches with members of the 105 character roster.

I’ll also be picking up Need for Speed: Most Wanted that evening. I doubt I’ll get to it for a few days.

Oct. 30 is a big day for game releases. Take the poll on the right and let me know what you will be picking up that day.