The company will hold an independent conference to show off the newest addition to the Xbox family

gaming-xboxlogoMicrosoft recently announced that May 21 will be a historical day for its Xbox division with a conference being held that day to unveil the newest Xbox system. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft shows off the console itself, the controller, and/or a new Kinect or if the conference will be more focused on outlining the system’s specs and planned feature list.

Microsoft also promised that E3 2013 would bring a showcase of future games, which probably means the May 21 event will only be about the system. Will the rumors of an always-on internet connection and the blockage of used games turn out to be true? Will Microsoft’s NextBox trump the competition in terms of specs? It all remains to be seen.

More information is available in the GameSpot video below and don’t forget to watch the live press event May 21 on or Xbox Live.

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