Now that EA has the license, this is what we want to see

Star Wars, 10 titles EA should reviveWith the recent demise of Lucas Arts, EA picked up the Star Wars license from Disney and the company says it will be announcing new titles very soon.

We here at SCG (now a dot com!) wanted to chime in on some of our favorite Star Wars franchises from over the years and make a case for why EA should bring these games back.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any Just Dance: Darkside Edition in this list.

With the PS4, Xbox One and E3 2013 just around the corner it will be interesting to see what EA has up their sleeves. It’s safe to assume Star Wars 1313 will be brought back from the development graveyard, but what else can EA bring to the table?

Below is a list of 10 franchises or games that EA should bring to the next generation of consoles. Of course, this is just our opinion. Let us know what you want to see from EA,  in the comments section below.

10. Star Wars Demolition 2

Okay, so the original game wasn’t that great, as pointed out in the Classic Game Room review below, but the potential for awesomeness is still there. It’s hard to imagine that the creators of Vigilante 8 and Vigilante 8: Second Offense could screw up so badly on a Star Wars vehicle combat game, but they did. However, a sequel done by a better studio could be amazing. Add in the online multiplayer, maybe a cool story mode and more of the coolest vehicles ever created and the possibilities are endless.

9. Star Wars: First Person Shooter (of some kind)

Star Wars: Dark Forces on the PlayStation was one of the best experiences the console had on offer when it released. It had the first person camera mode, great weapons, an intriguing story and fun environments, AI and areas to navigate. There was a second Dark Forces on PC called Star Wars Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, which was equally as awesome. There were some other games in the same line as Dark Forces but a true finish to the trilogy has yet to be seen. Another sequel to the game or even a brand new story in the FPS format would be a blast, and like Demolition, adding in the multiplayer, and possibly co-op for this one, could make for a great adventure.

8. Star Wars: Starfighter 3

If Ace Combat and Star Wars had a baby, Starfighter would be it. Starfighter pitted players in space with the amazing space ships featured in the Star Wars universe. Not to create a pattern here, but adding multiplayer, co-op and a more polished gameplay engine could make for a very fun game. Also, upgrading it to include ships, characters and locales from the original trilogy would be nice since Starfighter coincides with Episode 1 and Jedi Starfighter (the sequel) coincides with Episode 2. This is another Star Wars series that needs to be a trilogy.


7. Star Wars: Master of Teras Kasi 2

Now I know this one gets a lot of hate, but I loved it personally. The original game on PS1 is truly a classic. It was a fighting game with Star Wars characters. Enough said. It had tight controls, fun weapons, great stages and overall was just a lot of fun. A new one with multiplayer and more of the cast from the Star Wars universe would be a gift from the EA gods for this gamer. Oh and please EA, you must keep that cheesy voice over for the announcer. We need to fight Chew-ba-ca-a!

6. Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Arguably the best Star Wars games ever released were the Rogue Squadron games. Starting with Shadows of the Empire on the N64, this series is just absolutely amazing. Though technically Shadows isn’t a part of the series, it’s in the same line in terms of engine, style of gameplay and pretty much everything else. The sequels on the GameCube were equally great. The mix of on-foot missions, space battles and epic Star Wars clashes makes these games a ton of fun. A sequel or even a complete reboot of this series could make for an excellent outpouring of weekend hours for any gamer.

5. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter – Boba Fett, IG-88, etc.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter on the PS2 (and just about every other console that was out at the time) was a lot of fun to play through. However, it felt as if something was missing. Oh yeah, Boba Fett. Playing as the, at the time, newly introduced father of Boba, Jango Fett just felt out of place for this gamer. It was fun, but it could have been so much better. Nonetheless it was a great game and with Star Wars 1313 most likely coming back from the dead soon–it being rumored and believed that it is a spiritual successor to Bounty Hunter–could we see some more bounty hunting goodness in the near future? It’s possible and maybe even probable but this gamer wants even more. A whole series of Bounty Hunter games with Bossk, IG-88, and all the rest of the mysterious bounty hunters (they are not scum by the way) would be fresh and exciting, if done right.

4. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 3

I know, another one for which most gamers have a negative opinion. For me, I really wasn’t that happy with the first game and thought the second game was leaps and bounds better. Of course the first one had a better story, but that’s not to say the story in the sequel was bad. Nonetheless, the story needs to be completed and a third entry into the series would be awesome. Sadly, with this gen almost over and it being doubtful that this engine will be brought into the next gen, it will probably never happen.

3. Star Wars Episode IV, V, VI

So far all of my ideas have been sequels or continuations, but here’s sort of an original idea. Remember all those movie tie-in games that were made in the past? You know, the ones on the NES, Super NES and then later on for the new trilogy, the PS1? Games like Star Wars and Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Yeah those. Well, why have we not seen new movie tie-in games on the newer-gen systems? Even if they did two games (one being the original trilogy and the other being the new trilogy…and eventually one for the upcoming movies) with three separate adventures each (Lego style), it would be a blast to play through the movies in video game form. You know, in a manner that wouldn’t suck.

2. Star Wars Pod Racer

Why there were no more sequels to these awesome games is beyond me. Star Wars Episode 1 Racer on N64 and its sequel Pod Racer Revenge (below) were excellent racing games and they encompassed what a truly amazing Star Wars game can be. Great controls, fun track layouts, great characters and a nice set of modes and options. With the online craze of these newer generations, and games like Mario Kart having the arcade racer market on lock down, a new Pod Racer game (with Land Speeders, Speeder Bikes, more characters, etc.) would be a great addition to any gamer’s library.

1. Star Wars Battlefront III

I don’t need to say much about this except: Why did Lucas Arts not capitalize on this franchise? Like Pod Racer, the current generation of consoles would have been the perfect home for this multiplayer beast. This is a game that has the potential to compete with Call of Duty, much like Pod Racer being able to compete with Mario Kart. In fact, I’m just going to say it, EA would be stupid not to bring this to the PS4, Xbox One and other systems available on the market. Think I’m being a bit hasty with that comment? Just watch the video below. EA: Seriously, if you want to redeem yourselves, this is how you do it.

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