You simply must check out this awesome game

Update: Other fun ones we’ve stumbled across include typing in “do a barrel roll” and “zerg rush”. Check em out! 

Atari Breakout, Google, Sac City Gamer

We’re probably way late to the party, but just like playing an old PC game from 1993 in the year 2013, being late to the party in gaming is no big deal. Right?

Well, if you go to Google and type in keyword “Atari Breakout”, hit “enter” and then click on the “images” tab, something magical happens. You can play classic Breakout right there on Google, complete with lives, score tracking and sound effects!

The best part is the pieces you break are pictures of Breakout. In round two, Google does a random search like “Barcelona” for example, and you then break pictures of one of the world’s coolest cities.

Sac City Gamer thinks this is awesome, but don’t take our word for it. Go check it out for yourself.


Barcelona Breakout, Google, Sac City Gamer