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Now that you have endured and survived, watch this totally rad fan film

Sac City Gamer, The Last of Us, Joel and EllieThe folks over at Iron Horse Cinema Productions crafted a fan film based on the hit PlayStation 3 exclusive “The Last of Us“.

Directed by Sy Cody White and co-directed by Nick Sgroi, the film emulates a few scenes from the game while throwing in some interesting twists and fun changes.

The assistant director, a former colleague of SCG owner Daniel Wilson, Mike Sgroi says he collaborated with Iron Horse on the project. Other behind-the-scenes contributors included assistant cameraman Eugene Lin, executive producer Jeff Moffitt, and producers Jason Lee Hess & Sy Cody White.

According to its YouTube posting, the film stars Jeff Moffitt, Kate Sutherlin McLeod. It also features Eugene Lin, David Raymond Klein, Harrison Ndubueze, Rich Sabitino, Mark Alessio, Steve Komito, Erica Lee Hammond and Sammy Mena.

The film contains some minor spoilers and plot references so if you haven’t played or beaten the game, you should wait to watch it until after your first play through, which SCG totally recommends.

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