From Sac PD, to WWE, to Spiderman, we count down the best GTA IV mod videos on YouTube

GTA, IV, 4, Grand Theft AutoIn celebration of this month’s release of Grand Theft Auto V, which if you were living under a rock or you just don’t like video games, releases on Xbox 360 and PS3 on Sept. 17, we decided to countdown our favorite mod videos from GTA IV.

With the internet kicking Rockstar to make a PC version of the new game, it’s easy to see why such a thing would be so desired. Take a look at the countdown below to see some awesome work from the modding community for Rockstar’s earlier entry into the series.

10. Real Cars

There’s a whole bunch of these types of videos on YouTube, so we honestly just chose a random one. This one is definitely a good one though. The goal for these mods is to make the graphics look upgraded, add real-world cars to the game or just simply have fun with some awesome looking rides.

9. Back to the Future

One of the greatest cinematic trilogies in the history of man, Back to the Future is surely a classic. But perhaps even more classic is the DeLorean featured in the movies. In this mod, take a ride back to the future in one of the coolest cars ever created.

8. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is another classic character with an awesome vehicle. Ripping up the streets of Liberty City on his flaming motorcycle in this mod is the man himself, Johnny Blaze.

7. Batman: The Dark Knight

The greatest detective in the world may have a controversial choice as the man behind the mask in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, but Batman is a character who will always stand the test of time. This mod video is not only full of win, but it’s actually really well put together. Feast your eyes on this GTA-style Dark Knight trailer.

6. Iron Man

Flying around the skies above Liberty City is Robert Downey Jr. Er, Iron Man…you know what we mean. This definitely looks like a better time than playing those other Iron Man games.

5. Ramps

This video is a tad different from the others on the list, but these awesome ramps are too cool not to include. We hope Rockstar took notice of these videos because ramps like these would be a great addition to GTA V.

4. WWE

As huge fans of the WWE, we here at Sac City Gamer had to include this video. CM Punk and his band of wrestling buddies roam the streets of Liberty City in this video as they create a public relations nightmare for Vince McMahon. Good luck in your future endeavors guys.

3. Superman

Gamers have wanted a good Superman game since one of the world’s worst games left most of us crying in the fetal position behind our favorite video game retailer after we threw our copies of the game through their windows. This video doesn’t necessarily deliver on that wish, but it definitely makes us wonder even more what a good Man of Steel game adaptation could be like.

2. Spiderman

This Spiderman video is absolutely amazing. Really.

1. Sacramento Police Department

Being that we’re a Sacramento-based website, we had to put his one in the top spot. How cool is this? A Sacramento Police Department GTA mod! Check out our local boys in blue kicking some street thugs back to the Sacramento County Jail…well, the ones who don’t die, that is…

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