Another awesome Google Easter egg to try out!

Missile Command, YouTube, Sac City Gamer

Tired of watching Charlie bite his brother’s finger, Tay Zonday sing about chocolate rain, that guy dance to Numa Numa, and prank call videos about people kicking other people’s dogs? Well we have something fun for you!

A while back, we told you about a couple of awesome Easter eggs on Google. Now we’ve got another one, this time on YouTube, to share with the SCG readers.

For this one, you can follow the steps below to play some classic Missile Command right on top of your favorite video. Check it out!

1) Go to YouTube.

2) Click on a video of your choice.

3) Mute and pause the video.

4) Click somewhere in the white space to the left of the video (we had no luck if there were ads there, so make sure the video doesn’t have ads on the side).

5) Using your keyboard, type in 1-9-8-0.

6) A new section of the page will appear underneath the search field.

7) Click “Continue” and enjoy some classic Missile Command as you “destroy your video!”

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