New GTA game blows sales records out of the water

Grand Theft Auto V, Sac City Gamer
Photo courtesy IGN.

Maybe you’ve heard that Grand Theft Auto V is pretty popular right now, but did you know it’s more popular than any other game in history?

The game made over $1 billion in its first few days on the market (including pre-order purchases) and has sold an estimated 15-20 million copies so far. The crazy part is that it’s only been out for 17 days.

In fact, according to as well as many other sources around the web, the game’s launch was bigger than any other entertainment property’s launch. Ever.

“By comparison, Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 hit $500 million in day-one sales, making it the biggest entertainment launch in history at the time,” said Forbes contributor Erik Kain in a Sept. 20 article. “And that’s not just video games. Black Ops 2 topped all media launches, including blockbuster films. Grand Theft Auto V topped the previous record by $300 million, which is no small feat.”

Kain went on to explain that while other entertainment properties managed to bring in around the same amount of money as GTA V, Rockstar’s newest masterpiece did it quicker than any of the other releases.

“In other words, Grand Theft Auto V not only hit $1 billion in sales faster than the fastest-grossing video game, it beat the three biggest film launches of all time by 16 days,” said Kain’s article.

When you take into account that Rockstar spent approximately $275 million to make the game, it seems Rockstar, like the three protagonists in the game, is sitting on a nice little pile of cash.

Though the success of the game is wonderful for Rockstar and its parent company Take-Two Interactive, it brings up the question as to what this says about society. Does it say that society seeks the experiences of criminals who run around stealing cars, killing people and having sex with prostitutes or does it say that society is simply interested in a quality product that will bring its members a great deal of value for the money invested?

We here at Sac City Gamer would be inclined to argue the latter. Everyone wants to escape reality from time to time. If we didn’t then movies, music, video games, sports and every other form of entertainment would be much less prominent in our world.

So while you wait to get online and enjoy the game even further, tell us what you think about Grand Theft Auto, its impact on society, what the success of such a game says about us as people, gamers and as a society in general and what you think about Rockstar’s accomplishment in creating such a quality product, which it was able to market so well as to secure such high sales.

We’d also like to announce that we’ll have a review of the PlayStation 3 version of the game soon, so keep it locked to SCG.

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