Did Sony delay its PlayStation 4 racer on purpose to help GT6’s sales?

Sac City Gamer, PS4, Drive ClubThe recent delay of Drive Club for PlayStation 4 has had me scratching my head.

I mean Sony pushed it as a big launch title for the new system. They even had pre-order bonuses announced on the PlayStation Blog fairly recently and were offering it on PlayStation Plus free, but while it’ll still be free for subscribers (well, a version of the game anyway) it’s now scheduled for release in early 2014.

I got to thinking why Sony would push back such an important launch title, especially with Microsoft launching the Xbox One alongside Forza Motorsport 5. A few days after the game’s delay was announced, I visited the PlayStation Blog and realized what I think is the reason for the delay.

A post I came across gave me a good idea as to why Sony, perhaps, pushed the game back. The answer? Gran Turismo 6. GT6 being on PS3 and not PS4 was already a weird decision but considering how long it took to get GT5 out, it makes sense to some extent. They spent all that time (and money) to finally put out Gran Turismo 5 and it would have just gone to waste if they released GT6 on PS4.

While I fully expect a port of Gran Turismo 6 to eventually hit the PS4, it wouldn’t make sense promoting two big racing games at once, especially when one is free for just about everyone considering a PlayStation Plus subscription is now required for online play on the PS4. Furthermore, it’s never a good idea to bury a top title with another one.

Now there could be other reasons why Drive Club was pushed back like maybe that other game everyone is playing (I’ve heard a lot of valid arguments for Watch Dogs being delayed for this reason too) or maybe it really did need more polish, but the juggernaut that Gran Turismo is for Sony’s bottom line is probably the culprit.

What do you think? Do you think GT6 is to blame for the delay of Drive Club? Sound off in the comments and keep it locked to SCG for a Disney Infinity review, WWE 2K14 review and more!

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