This WWE 2K14 video is full of bang, Chico

Diamond Dallas Page, Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts step into the virtual squared-circle

Sac City Gamer, WWE 2K142K Sports posted a video today via its Facebook WWE 2K page featuring wrestling legends Diamond Dallas Page, better known as DDP, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott “Razor Ramon” Hall.

In the video, originally posted on YouTube by DDP, Hall challenges Page and Roberts to a game of, you guessed it, WWE 2K14. The legends get back into the ring by playing a few matches but DDP and Jake get a little upset when they don’t get their way.

First, Page is angered when he realizes he is not featured in the game (don’t worry DDP, the fans are upset about it too), especially since there are three versions of Hall and DDP was in last year’s game. Hilarity ensues when Hall suggests an alternative based on the fact that a current star uses DDP’s finishing move.

Then, Roberts gives up after botching a top rope move and storms out of the room after declaring he’s “going back to Pong”.

The three legendary grapplers are connected through DDP’s Yoga program, which has helped Hall and Roberts get over their drug and alcohol addictions and get back into shape, over the course of the last few years. DDP’s program has been successful thus far and the trio seems to be good friends.

I mean who else can you beat up in the virtual wrestling ring if not your friends?

Well, Hall thinks he may have the answer to that with a little challenge at the end of the video, but you’ll have to watch it to find out.

That is, if you aren’t afraid of “The Bad Guy”.

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