Microsoft rolls out another new update while Sony details PS4’s firmware 2.0

Editor’s update: Sony has confirmed that the list on the PlayStation Blog is not the complete list of features that will be released in firmware 2.0 and that more features will be announced soon. 

Microsoft announced a new firmware update for the Xbox One available today and Sony has finally released a full feature list for the much-anticipated firmware 2.0 update for the PS4. Both companies posted information about what all is included in the updates via their respective blogs.

Over at Major Nelson’s home turf, the new Xbox One update was announced as featuring Snap updates, new friends list features and TV and video enhancements.

Sony’s blog spilled the beans on the newest update for the PS4, including the previously announced YouTube integration, Share Play, themes and a list of new features. Most notable is that Sony has finally added MP3 (and other music formats) support, though it is limited in that music must be stored on a USB device as opposed to being able to upload music to the system’s hard drive like on the PS3.

However, Sony did confirm that music can be played in the background of all games on the PS4, unlike on PS3 where it was up to the developers of each game whether or not to include this functionality.

For a list of new features on each system, take a look past the jump and for full details, visit the Major Nelson blog and the PlayStation Blog.

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Xbox One

  • Snap Updates including  Friends Snap App and Messages Snap App
  • Achievements App
  • Friends section updates
  • New SmartGlass features
  • Improvements for TV and video
  • Media Player DLNA and MKV support
  • Live TV MiniGuide
  • OneGuide in 11 new countries
  • Internet TV Apps
  • Universal Remote Control in SmartGlass
  • Live TV initial setup experience
  • Live TV Cable & Satellite Box auto-detection
  • New accessory and “hide” features
  • Updated Devices & Accessories page: Firmware updates and “find my Controller”
  • Hide Games and Apps on your console
  • Better password resets

PlayStation 4

  • Themes
  • Share Play
  • YouTube Support
  • USB Music Player
  • Change background colors to gold, blue, red, green, purple, pink or gray
  • Players You May Know section added to What’s New
  • Enhancements to Live Broadcasting
  • Content Area and Library Improvements
  • Enhanced Voice Commands
  • Add To Library (for PS Plus games so you don’t have to download them right away)

In addition, Sony announced that Live from PlayStation will be added to Vita and PlayStation TV (Vita TV) and that the PlayStation App would get enhancements as well.

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