Get games for next to nothing with help from this extremely frugal community


If you’ve never visited Cheap Ass Gamer’s video game deals section, you’re missing out on some major savings.

It’s no secret that video games are not cheap. In fact, in recent years, they’ve only gotten more expensive with the increase in popularity for DLC, Season Passes and subscription services like EA Access and PlayStation Plus.

But Cheap Ass Gamer, which is headed up by top CAG CheapyD, is a forum and community that watches out for the best deals, discounts, coupons, sales and more when it comes to video games, consoles, accessories and everything else gaming-related.

The members post the deals in the forum and often times there is even more money to be saved by engaging in conversation and getting tips on ways to bring the price down lower. Think of it as Extreme Couponing: Video Game Edition.

CAG also donates to Child’s Play, a charity that aims to helps kids in hospitals around the world by raising money with the assistance of the video game industry’s amazing community. There are also reviews, trades, auctions, deals for other goods like DVDs and Blu-Rays, discussion forums for all sorts of topics and much more!

With Black Friday coming around again, now is the perfect time to check out Cheap Ass Gamer.

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