Stuff your virtual stockings while savings tons of cash

Listen up PC gamers, time to take out those wallets and burn those credit cards. Well, not yet, wait until after you buy a bunch of cool games for low, low prices. Actually, the sales will take care of those cards anyway since they’ll be maxed out come Dec. 18 when Steam’s annual holiday sale begins.

A specific list of deals has not been revealed yet, but if previous years are anything to go by, it should be a delicious sale. According to Eurogamer, earlier reports from PayPal of Japan and Reddit users, who received emails from PayPal stating that the sale was starting soon, have been verified and the sale will indeed start on Thursday at 6 p.m. GMT and will end on Jan. 2.

Steam will also be holding a holiday auction from Dec. 15 – 18 and JoyStiq reports that the initial gem creating (recycled community items used to bid on items in the auction) for the event “got off to a rocky start” and had to be reset.

We’ll update this post when a full list of deals is released by the Steam gods at Valve. Until then, start saving those pennies!

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