The retailer has permanently dropped its price for the discount program to $30 for a two-year membership

gamerslogoWhat started out as a high-priced premium discount service for the most hardcore of gamers, Best Buy’s “Gamers Club Unlocked” has become an affordable program that will help ease the pain of buying expensive new video games.

Starting today, the subscription-based discount program that allows gamers to buy new games at a 20% discount, among other benefits, has permanently dropped to just $30 for a two-year subscription.

Originally, the two-year subscription was $120 and it went on sale for $60 a few times over the course of the first year it was available and most recently was permanently dropped to $99. Because subscribers can buy newly-released games for $48 (plus tax) as opposed to $60 (plus tax), I jumped in on the service when it was at that $60 price point and I’ve saved a ton of money on games since my subscription began. It was certainly worth the money I paid, and now it’s an even better deal.

After offering the subscription at the sale price of $30 several times over the last few months, Best Buy has decided to make this the permanent price and I applaud the company’s decision. It really is a valuable program to be a part of because the 20% discount also applies to items like Disney Infinity, Skylanders and Amiibo figures.

Unfortunately, it does not apply to services like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live nor does it apply to hardware, but it can usually be stacked with other sale prices. For example, I recently purchased Forza Horizon 2 at a huge discount. It was on sale at $40 (down from $60) and with Gamers Club Unlocked, it was only $31.99.

An added bonus is the MyBestBuy program that awards points for every dollar spent at Best Buy, which can then be used to redeem for reward certificates. I happened to have a $20 reward certificate, which I earned, in part, due to all of my discounted gaming purchases over the last few months (GCU members get double points on game purchases), so I got an additional $20 off the $31.99 price for Forza Horizon 2.

Also, GCU members enjoy 10% off on pre-owned game purchases, bonus credit on trade-ins, special gaming coupons and deals and more. Click here for full details. I highly recommend purchasing a subscription for Gamers Club Unlocked. With a $12 discount on all new games, the $30 subscription will more than pay for itself after just three game purchases. I’ve gotten a ton of use out of it over my time as a member and I think every gamer should be a GCU subscriber. With this new price point, it’s a no-brainer.

So what do you think? Are you going to subscribe now? Already a subscriber? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned to Shortcut Gamer for more of the very best news, features and information from the gaming world.

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