E3 2015 @ SCG – Nintendo

The last of the “Big 3” has its time on stage this morning, get all the details here

Nintendo is a classic name in gaming, but lately they’ve struggled to find their place in the homes of gamers.

Despite this, Nintendo has been on the incline with its line of Amiibo figures, new games like Super Smash Bros. and more. Will Nintendo maintain this momentum as they present their Nintendo Digital Event or will they shoot themselves in the foot and kill the steady uprise they’ve had recently?

If the other conferences are anything to go by, and judging by past Nintendo E3 offerings, it’ll be all about the games. This could be good for Nintendo or very bad depending on what games they announce.

Keep it locked to Sac City Gamer for everything out of today’s press conference, live as the announcements are made. Just keep hitting that refresh button if you can’t watch the conference or check out the list below if you’re reading this after the conference and missed all the excitement.


Star Fox Zero – world premiere trailer shown, coming holiday 2015
NX – new Nintendo platform in development to be discussed next year
Amiibo – Bowser and Donkey Kong Amiibo (with vehicles) coming to Skylanders Superchargers Nintendo versions. These figures can be used as Skylanders or Amiibo by twisting the base.
The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes – coming to 3DS, trailer shown, coming fall 2015
Hyrule Warriors Legends – 3DS game announced recently, new footage and information shared, first quarter 2016
Metroid Prime Federation Force – 3DS game announcement, trailer shown, includes Metroid Blastball, coming 2016
Fire Emblem Fates – new trailer shown, coming 2016
Xenoblade Chronicles X – new trailer, coming Dec. 4, 2015
Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer – new trailer, coming Sept. 25, 2015 to 3DS
Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival – coming to Wii U holiday 2015
Yoshi’s Woolly World – new information and footage, Amiibo transform Yoshi into a design based on that Amiibo (Mario Amiibo makes Yoshi look like Mario, etc.).
Yo-kai Watch – new trailer
Mario & Luigi Paper Jam – announcement/trailer, coming spring 2016 to 3DS
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash – announcement/trailer, coming holiday 2015 to Wii U
Super Mario Maker – new footage and information shared, will work with Amiibo to transform Mario into that Amiibo, an art and level making guide book is coming as well as Pixel Mario Amiibo, which makes Mario bigger in the game. Coming Sept. 11, 2015 for Wii U.

LetsSuperMario.com – allows you to submit Mario tribute videos to support charity

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