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Original SNES-CD by Sony prototype discovered (Update)

The SNES add-on dubbed the PlayStation has been revealed for the first time

Editor’s update: video added!

We all know the story. In the early 90s, Sony and Nintendo teamed up to create a CD-based SNES add-on to help Nintendo compete with the Sega CD system. After the business move went sour, Sony branched off and took its technology with it to form its own brand: PlayStation.

Ironically, the PlayStation would give both Sega and Nintendo a run for their money when it hit the market up against the Nintendo 64 and later, the Sega Dreamcast.

According to GameSpot who broke the story after seeing the images posted on Reddit, “this prototype model was found by the son of a businessman who had ties with a former Sony executive, believed to be Olafur Olafsson, who was the chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment in 1991.”

GameSpot went on to say, “the son, who is only known by his online handle ‘Dnldbld’, first published the images on Reddit, and then on Assembler Games. He says that he will try to find the power supply for the prototype and boot the system up for the first time.”  Read the full story here and check out our gallery below for the images of the system.

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