The game is coming to PC in early 2016 and PS4 by ‘holiday 2016’ 

Square Enix, today, revealed officially that Rise of the Tomb Riader, the upcoming sequel to 2013’s smash series reboot Tomb Raider, will indeed be coming to PS4 and PC.

Previously announced as exclusive to Xbox (both Xbox One and Xbox 360) for holiday 2015, the game is now confirmed to hit other systems next year. No word on whether the game will come to PS3. The game releases on Xbox One and Xbox 360 November 10, 2015.

Following the exclusivity announcement at last year’s E3, many fans were irate with the decision and began speculating whether the game would eventually hit PlayStation and PC anyway. Well, fans can now rejoice in knowing that PS4 or PC owners who don’t have Xbox systems or don’t prefer to play these type of games on Xbox systems will be able to play the game soon enough.

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