Shortcut Gamer counts down the five features we want to see come to PS4 that were possible on PS3

366138It’s about that time again when PlayStation fans are expecting Sony to announce a big firmware update for the PlayStation 4, and Shortcut Gamer has compiled a list of five features we’d like to see on the PlayStation 4 that were possible on the PS3.

Of course, there are lots of other features that fit this criterion, but we’ve narrowed it down to the most requested and desired features, based on fan feedback from multiple forums and social media outlets around the web and our own opinions.

Word from the rumor mill is that Sony may be adding a calendar to the PS4 in the next firmware update, which suggests a big update is coming soon since these types of features usually are only added in the bigger updates. What the calendar will be used for is uncertain at this time and its addition hasn’t been confirmed by Sony.

Take a look at our list and let us know in the comments section or on Facebook or Twitter what you think.


5. Player online/offline notifications

This seems like a no-brainer but for some reason the PS4 lacks the ability to notify gamers when friends go on and offline. Now, this feature, if added, should probably come with the option of being disabled as some may find it annoying, but why not add it for the gamers who want it? It seems like something that’s pretty simple for Sony to add. Being able to know when your friends get on and off of PSN would be a welcomed feature, especially for those who play online a lot.

4. Folder sorting for games/apps

The PS4’s user interface isn’t the worst UI out there, but it’s definitely not as intuitive as the XMB on the PS3. One of the biggest issues is that the PS4 UI lists most recent apps and games in a tile format on the main screen of the menu, which is nice if gamers want to play a recently used game or use a recently used app, but when accessing older content it can be a hassle. This is especially a problem for those who have a lot of content. Being able to sort content into folders would be a nice way to keep the UI clean, organized and intuitive.

3. PSN name change

While not technically a firmware feature nor something that was possible on PS3 (we know, we broke our own rules for this list), a very long-awaited and overdue request from fans is the ability to change one’s username on PlayStation Network. This is especially true for those of us who have had our accounts since the launch of the PS3 in 2006. Even if Sony charged a fee for this like Microsoft does with Xbox Live, being able to do this would make a lot of people happy. With PS4’s ability to pull gamers’ names from Facebook, it isn’t as necessary as it used to be, but it would still be a great feature.

2. Custom wallpapers/backgrounds/menu music/sounds

The ability to make custom themes and add background photos on the PlayStation 3 was a great way to keep the UI fresh and to customize the system. The PS4 has some free and paid themes available but they are few and far between. Just simply being able to put a photo on the background would be nice, but we’d love to see the ability to make our own themes, add custom menu music and even change or customize the menu sounds.

1. MP3/Video/Photo storage on hard drive and playback

Hands down, the most desired, requested and needed feature on the PlayStation 4 is the ability to store and play music, video and photo files from the system’s hard drive. Along with that, of course, would be a native music player, video player and photo viewer. The PS3 and even the Vita and PSP had these features, so the fact that we are nearly two years in on the PS4’s lifecycle and these haven’t been added is beyond many PlayStation gamers.

Perhaps Sony doesn’t want to draw attention to the fact that its games take up so much space on the hard drive, but for games like WWE and other games that use custom music, at the very least, having a proper music system on the console is essential. Currently, PS4 users can connect a USB device and play music as well as use the PlayStation Music app, which even allows music playback in the background of most games (via Sony’s partnership with Spotify), but video and photo files are not able to be viewed on the PS4.

While all of the above features would be wonderful to have on the PS4, a true music playback (along with video and photo) app and the storage of digital video, music and photo content on the hard drive is definitely the biggest feature we want to see added to the PS4 in the next big firmware update.

What else would you like to see added or changed? Please, let us know your comments and feelings on this subject.

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