The online-retail giant adds 3DS and Wii U games to its site so gamers no longer have to buy games via the eShop

One of the biggest problems in the digital age is lack of competition because with a monopoly on the sale of digital goods comes the ability to control prices. That’s all going to change for Nintendo platforms with the announcement of digital game sales on Amazon.

Currently, only about 50 games are available, but more should be added eventually. The prices are also the same across Amazon and Nintendo’s eShop currently, but one would assume that Amazon will offer deals and sales from time to time.

According to GameSpot, “this should work relatively easily. Simply buy the “Digital Code” version of one of more than 50 titles available in the program, click the “Nintendo Network Link” after completing your purchase, and then log into your Nintendo Network account. Once you do this, the game/DLC will beam to,” the corresponding system.

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By Daniel Wilson

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