The game will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PC as a digital download and physical retail game for $59.99

Update: A pair of special collector’s editions were also announced. GameSpot has all the information on them here. We’ve also clarified that the game is coming to both PS4 and PC on June 21.

The long-awaited, highly-anticipated No Man’s Sky will finally launch on PS4 and PC on June 21, according to Sean Murray, managing director for Hello Games, the development studio behind the upcoming space adventure game.

Murray said in a PlayStation Blog post today that the game will release both digitally (on PS4 and PC) and on a blu-ray disc at retail for PS4.

“Sony has a history of working closely with indies, and this feels like some sort of culmination of that story,” said Murray. “It means more people will have a chance to join us in exploring the universe than ever before. I can’t really imagine what it will feel like to walk into a shop and see our game on a shelf.”

Murray added that since the game is launching at the full MSRP for AAA titles, it’ll help the team continue supporting the game with post-launch free add-ons and updates.

Murray also reflected on the game’s origins.

“I remember when I sat in the audience and saw Sony putting LittleBigPlanet on stage for the first time, I knew that it no longer mattered how many people worked on your game, and that not every game had to start with a 10-minute CGI cut scene,” Murray explained. “I can’t believe we’re about to follow in their footsteps as an even smaller studio with their game in real, actual shops.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Murray says, “in No Man’s Sky you can trade, fight, explore, and survive in a boundless, computer-generated universe.”

“It’s a vast, open game, and always a hard one to demonstrate quickly, but recently we let some people from the press loose in No Man’s Sky,” continued Murray. “They got to see new features like how to survive on hazardous planets and how to learn alien languages, and for the first time we showed off some alien races you will be able to communicate with.”

For more information on No Man’s Sky, click here for another PlayStation Blog post detailing some of the key features of the game. GameSpot also has more coverage of the game, including interviews and more.

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