Miitomo is available now on iOS and Android devices across the world, was previously available only in Japan

Miitomo screens-970-80Nintendo’s new free-to-play mobile game released in Japan earlier this month — where the game was downloaded over 1 million times in three days — and is now available worldwide.

The game, which Nintendo says is the first in a planned set of five mobile games set to launch by 2017, can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store and Android Google Play store now.

Miitomo is a social game where players create or link a Mii character and then can hook up and interact with other Mii characters controlled by their friends and family members. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook can be attached to the app to help users find people with which to play.

In addition, the app allows users to create fun photos using its Miifotos function. These photos can then be shared on multiple social networks.

Of course, it wouldn’t be free-to-play without microtransactions. Players can earn Miitomo coins through gameplay or they can be purchased with real money. These coins allow players to buy more clothing and other items for their Miis via the in-app shop.

Take a look at the launch trailer below and let us know what you think of the new app in the comments section.

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