The game features top-down, 4-player co-op gameplay and a lighthearted art style

Confirmed via an exclusive trailer in an article by USA Today this afternoon, Ghostbusters, a new top-down, 4-player co-op game with a cartoon-like art style, is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PC on July 12.

According to USA Today, the Activision-published game will take place in New York City after the events of the upcoming reboot film. Players can take the role of male or female busters to track down Slimer and the rest of the ghosts in the game.

The movie launches on July 15 and a mobile game for iOS and Android called Ghostbusters: Slime City will release in July as well.

Scroll down to check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments or on our social media pages what you think about this upcoming Ghostbusters game.

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