The next generation of Nintendo is just under a year away, upcoming Zelda game to release for NX and Wii U in 2017

Update: Nintendo has stated it will not be showing the NX at E3 and the only playable game they will have at the show will be the new Legend of Zelda Wii U version. The story has been edited to reflect this information.

Nintendo released its quarterly earnings report today and along with it came the news that its new console, still code named NX, will launch in March of 2017.

While no further details are known about the console, it was announced that the upcoming Zelda game will launch simultaneously alongside the NX. A Wii U version will still be released as well.


The NX was first revealed in 2015 by a Wall Street Journal article that stated development kits were already in the hands of developers and speculation has run wild ever since. No word on when the official reveal and sharing of all the juicy details will occur.

“For our dedicated video game platform business, Nintendo is currently developing a gaming platform codenamed “NX” with a brand-new concept,” said the report.

Will this be a more traditional console similar to the Xbox One and PS4 or will Nintendo come up with something completely new as indicated by the above comments?

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