Because the board variety are games too, check out this simple way of collecting some non-video games

If you’re like us, you enjoy all games. Of course, video games are probably the best kinds of games, but they probably wouldn’t exist if board/table games hadn’t paved the way for the adventure, excitement and structure that we see in today’s electronic gaming.

The best part about board/table games is the variety. They can provide everything from simple card games all the way to full-fledged RPGs that can take months or years to complete.

Like our episode 3 feature, Video Games Monthly, Board Game Bento is a monthly subscription service that allows gamers to receive several awesome board games every month for a much lower price than one would pay for the games if bought individually.

According to the website’s “How It Works” page, subscribers:

  • Choose whether you want to get charged on a monthly basis or once every six months (saving 10%). Either way, you get $80 worth of Board Games and accessories delivered to your door every month.
  • When registration cuts off on the 28th of the month at 11:59 p.m. Eastern, we start processing your orders.
  • Your Board Game Bento box gets shipped by the 10th of the following month! You will get an email when it’s on its way.
  • Invite your friends over for the grand opening and start playing. Post pics or video and tag it #BOARDGAMEBENTO to share it with the world.

A one-month subscription costs $50 a month and a 6-month prepaid subscription runs $45 per month (or $270 total for the six months of deliveries). The site promises over $80 in content each month and says that most of the time, subscribers will get 2-3 games per box, but that they could get more.

Followers of the company’s social media pages boast about how great the service is and with almost 6,000 Facebook fans, the service seems quite popular.

According to the site’s FAQ, the only real downside of Board Game Bento is that there is a risk of getting repeat games since the service has no way of knowing what games subscribers already own or what games have previously been sent out to each person.

If you’re into board games, we say check it out. If you do end up subscribing or have something else to say about Board Game Bento or our Around the Web feature, join the conversation about Board Game Bento on Facebook and Twitter.

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By Daniel Wilson

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