Here’s everything announced by EA and Bethesda all in one convenient place

Yesterday, EA and Bethesda unofficially kicked off E3 a day early with their respective conferences.

Due to a scheduling conflict, I wasn’t able to cover the conferences as they happened, and surely most of our readers have heard all the news by now, but we wanted to provide a list of everything that was announced for the convenience of those who may have missed the shows.

Below is a list of everything each publisher announced. Let us know what you thought of their conferences in our comment section below.


Madden 17 – Play the Moment announced, trailer shown.
FIFA 17 – New journey story mode announced (exclusive to PS4/Xbox One/PC), new trailer shown.
Star Wars – An overview of upcoming Star Wars projects was shown. EA outlined upcoming games from Visceral, Criterion and more, including a new Battlefront for 2017.
EA Originals – New indie game development partnership, new game called Fe kicking it off.
Mass Effect: Andromeda – New details shared, footage shown.
Battlefield 1 – New trailer and gameplay shown.
Titanfall 2 – Single player confirmed, multiplayer beta confirmed, new footage shown.


Dishonored 2 –Trailer shown. Collector’s Edition announced.
Fallout Shelter – big Fallout Shelter update coming alongside PC version, reaches 50 million players.
Fallout 4 – New DLC detailed.
Quake: Champions – Announcement. Same developers as Doom (Id Software). Trailer shown.
Skyrim Remastered – Coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
Elder Scrolls Legends – Announcement. Trailer shown.
Elder Scrolls Online – Update allows freeroam.
Doom and Fallout VR – Announced.
Wolfenstein – Teaser was shown during Quake trailer for a new Wolfenstein.
Prey – A new Prey game was announced and it will be a reworked first-person shooter. Footage shown.