Or how you can miss out on the real Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet, makers of Guild Wars 2, gave everyone who had Heart of Thorns a level 80 booster.

It was a one-time boost that gave you some basic level 80 gear, that actually wasn’t terrible, some teleport to friends items, and a host of other goodies that in no way gave you an advantage nor did it leave you drowning in level 80 areas. I finally used mine on a Slyvari Engineer and I don’t regret it at all. However, I have missed out on a lot of what makes Guild Wars 2 such an amazing and in-depth game.

In the long run, I’d say I’ve experienced a lot of what the game has to offer on my other character, which is an Elementalist, and in the same breath I don’t have to fight through those last five-to-10 levels before finally hitting level 80, which is really nice. But it does leave you in the cold a bit, or it did me at least.

I didn’t get to run across Tyria, that’s the name of the continent you’re on in the game. I didn’t work on all the hero points, trying to run the map for events or waypoints. I didn’t meet people while I was leveling up to the next storyline arc, nor have I done a whole lot of the renown hearts in any of the maps outside of the Caledon Forest.

But I’m level 80 already, which I should note, I played through the first 15 to 20 levels to see if I really wanted an engineer, and if I wanted to spend my level boost on an engineer.


One thing I’ve been doing is blowing through the storyline so that I can get to the Heart of Thorns content, but I’ve realized that now I don’t have all the waypoints that I typically would to jump around the various maps.

I also haven’t done all the events that I typically would and the game just feels different. I feel like I skipped over a lot, and while it’s nice that I didn’t have to do a lot of those events, renown hearts, quests and what have you, I miss it and I’ve started going back through the game and completing them.

It’s part of what makes Guild Wars 2 the game it is. It’s rich in lore, history, easter eggs and a bunch of content that, if you rush through, you’ll miss. I don’t regret using the booster. I can always go back and do everything that a lower level character would do, and still, feel a bit of the same pains, as the game will tune your level and character stats down to the appropriate level when you’re in an area that is below your character level, which is nice because the game doesn’t allow a level 80 player to blow through a low-level map and possibly ruin everything.

At the end of the day, the level 80 boost is an awesome gift and it’s nice to get a character “up there,” but it did take away from the game a bit for me. However, I did find that the level 80 boost gives you the ability to trial the boost in the Silverwaste. I did this before I committed and I found a new love for the Silverwaste, one that doesn’t exist with my Elementalist.

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