2-Step Verification now live on North America PSN

Sony finally brings an important security feature to the PlayStation Network

We reported back on April 20 that Sony was bringing two-step verification to PlayStation Network and the security feature is now live.

No word on why it took so long to implement, but PSN users can have a little more peace of mind knowing accounts are a little more secure. This new functionality also applies to Vita and PS3.

For those unfamiliar, two-step verification is a system that allows users to attach a cell phone number to their accounts and a code is sent to the phone via text message when signing in from a new device. That code must be entered in addition to a user’s password in order to sign in. This way, even if someone figures out your password, they would need to have your phone in their physical possession as well.

Microsoft has had the feature for several years now for Microsoft/Xbox accounts, but Sony has lagged behind the industry on adding this feature.

To set up two-step verification, log in to your account here and follow the on-screen instructions. It’s pretty easy to set up and only takes a few moments.

The only complaint we have about this new system is that it uses a letter code (something like xXxxXx with different letters) as opposed to a number system (like 123456) like most two-step verification systems. It’s a little more tedious to type in these letter codes than it is to type in number codes, but it’s nice knowing our accounts are a little more secure.


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