Bugbear Entertainment details console version of racing game and announces a new title

Bugbear Entertainment, the developers behind the FlatOut series, have updated plans for Wreckfest, the studio’s next-gen destruction driving game that was at one time called NextCarGame, saying it’ll be coming to consoles soon.

The game is currently available on PC via Steam’s Early Access program and will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One at some point. Xbox does have a game preview program, but Sony does not have a similar service for PS4, so it’s unclear if the game will come to Xbox One first or if it’s coming out of development and getting a final release. Whatever the case, the game can be pre-ordered now.

Bugbear also revealed a new game called Stuntfest, which will allow players to drive vehicles like cars, shopping carts and mobility scooters and to create tracks with a track editor tool.

The game will hit PC via Steam’s Early Access program in October and can be pre-ordered for a limited time sale price of$15. The company is also offering a special sale through September 4 with deals on both games.

Other games in Bugbear’s portfolio include Ridge Racer Unbounded and Sega Rally Revo. We’ll update this story or publish a new article as soon as we know more about the release of these two games, so stay tuned to SCG.


By Daniel Wilson

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