The company has some news to share about its extremely popular handheld console

With the Nintendo NX slated for release in March and still no official details known, one would think Nintendo would start revealing some information about its forthcoming console, but for now it will be holding a Nintendo Direct on September 1 to talk about the 3DS.

More specifically, the company will focus on 3DS games. The event will be held at 7 a.m. PT on Thursday and can be streamed online.

Nintendo did not share details on what games will be discussed, but it’s safe to assume Pokemon will be a hot topic as well as the new Sonic Boom game. It’s not clear whether Nintendo is just updating upcoming titles or whether it will be announcing new games, but it’s possible to see both.

In other 3DS news, Nintendo announced a new galaxy-themed (no, not Mario Galaxy) 3DS variant and you can take a look at the new design for the handheld below. We’ll be back with more news on the Nintendo Direct after it happens on Thursday, so stay tuned to SCG.