The new system software update brings folders, HDR support, a newly redesigned quick menu and more

Update: The firmware update is available now.

Sony has revealed today that its new PS4 system software update will launch tomorrow, September 13, and it will bring with it previously announced features as well as some that were not featured in the beta test.

In addition, the firmware update will include HDR support, which was announced at the PlayStation meeting event on September 7 and some new features that will be specific to the PS4 Pro.

For a full list of what’s known to be included in the software update, take a look below. To read more about each new feature, check out the PlayStation Blog.

PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.00 features (this list may not be complete):

  • Quick Menu Update – including refreshed UI, access to Spotify music player and more
  • Updated overall UI
  • PlayStation Pro Updates including:
    • 1080p streaming for Remote Play on PC/Mac and compatible Xperia devices
    • 1080p streaming for Share Play
    • 1080p 30/60fps live broadcasting on YouTube
    • 1080p 30fps live broadcasting on Twitch
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) support
  • Updates to “What’s New”
  • Updates to content overview (accessed by navigating down while hovering over a game’s launch icon)
  • Data transfer to new PS4
  • Updated Share Menu
  • Folders and Library organization
  • Trophy Improvements
  • Upgrades and new features for the User Profile

Let us know what you think of the new updates after the system software refresh launches. We’d love to hear from our readers on what you think of Sony’s changes.