October 11, 2012 began the journey of your favorite shortcut to gaming news, reviews and more

Colonna MTFour years ago today, I logged into WordPress and created this site.

Not too long after, it became a dot com and, most recently, I changed its name from Sac City Gamer to Shortcut Gamer to help it reach a broader audience beyond Sacramento. Though it remains a Sacramento-based site with the first goal of serving the Sac Town community.

Our mission has evolved over the years from a personal gaming blog to a ranting platform for a couple of journalism students to a full-fledged news site dedicated to bringing you the most important gaming news without all the fluff.

However, other writers for SCG have come and gone, and because of this, I’m not able to allow the site to be as productive as I’d like it to be, but I do my best to keep up.

Regardless, I’ve been able to create a decent following and within the next year, I hope to expand the site even more. My goal is to turn this site into a professional journalism outlet by expanding it, attracting advertisers and getting some more writers on board.

I want SCG to be the destination for gaming news in the Sacramento area and beyond. I’m even considering creating a physical SCG newsletter to distribute around town.

In the near future, I hope to finally launch a weekly podcast that will be aimed at providing more news and commentary on the gaming industry than I’m able to provide in written form. I also have plans to launch a new type of review that will be in line with the idea of “shortcut” news consumption.

Thank you to my friends and family who have supported this adventure. I appreciate everyone who reads the site, even those who read one article and never return. Every click counts and they all help me make SCG a better product.

Expect more reviews, lists and other fun features as well as the most important news from the industry over the next year and beyond. Stay tuned because SCG is just getting started!

– Daniel Wilson, founder and editor