Open-world free-to-play skiing, snowmobile and snowboarding game will be console-exclusive to PS4

Poppermost Productions CEO and game director Alexander Bergendahl announced via Sony’s PlayStation Blog that SNOW, an open-world, free-to-play game that allows players to ride snowmobiles, snowboards and skis, will be hitting the slopes on Oct. 25 as a console-exclusive PS4 game beta.

Bergendahl said the game was originally announced about two years ago.

“When this announcement was made, we had just launched our PC Alpha and have since been working through a long list of new features and content that we wanted in the game for Snow’s launch on console,” said Bergendahl. “We’ve been working together with our incredibly supportive and insightful community to develop the game into the experience we believe best represents the sports and the majesty of the mountain — and we’re nearly there.”

The fictional in-game mountain Sialia has all sorts of areas and includes, “cargo plane wreckage, an ancient castle, and a mountain observatory.” In addition, “There are more than two dozen drop points on the mountain, each with a distinctive look and gameplay elements that provide countless new challenges.”

The snowboards and snowmobiles are new for the PS4 version, according to Bergendahl. There is also a store for purchasing new clothing and other goodies that features real-life sponsor partners.

The post goes on to say that an X Games inspired course will be included.

“We’ve partnered up with ESPN and have been working closely with their team to recreate the exact course from the 2016 Winter X Games in Aspen,” said the post.

Lastly, though the game is said to be free-to-play, the post says the beta will run $19.99 on PS4. Included in that price is the game and a pack of DLC said to be worth $30. PS Plus members will also receive an 80s-style throwback outfit.