Big changes coming to SCG!

After an experiment with a new name and focus, SCG is returning to its roots

It’s been just over a year since I changed Sac City Gamer to Shortcut Gamer. I wanted to change the image and name to give the site a broader reach and to try to gain a bigger audience. I realized I can still keep the site’s identity as Sac City Gamer and reach that larger audience.

Soon, SCG will once again be Sac City Gamer. In the coming months and years, I want to grow it into something truly special for Sacramento gamers. We have a huge community here and it’s time those outside the gaming world started acknowledging us and taking us seriously.

The site will still cover all of the news and information that gamers want from around the gaming industry, but I’m bringing back that Sacramento vibe and focus the site originally had. I’ll still offer quickscope news and notes on what’s going on, but the main focus will be Sacramento gamers.

I plan to cover the conferences, shows and events put on by Sacramento gamers and to highlight gamers from the region that are doing big things! As always, SCG will be covering E3 this year and it will mark the return of our original hometown gaming site.

Published by Daniel Wilson

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