AtGames is launching several new mini systems this fall

If you’re still bummed about missing out on the Nintendo Classic Edition, you may be in luck, as long as you don’t mind swapping Nintendo games for Sega and Atari.

AtGames, the company behind the previous Atari Flashback releases is back with some new micro-consoles to satisfy your nostalgic gaming desires.

The Atari Flashback 8 Gold includes 120 games built-in, two Atari 2600-style wireless controllers and ports for other controllers. It is also 720p HD and games have rewind, fast-forward and save features as well as other digital enhancement functionality. You can view a full list of the games it includes, here.

In addition, the Sega Genesis Flashback includes 85 built-in games, two wireless Genesis controllers and a slot for cartridges from the original systems, including the Genesis and Mega Drive. It has the same HD output, graphical enhancement functions and other features as the Atari Flashback 8 Gold as well. You can view a full list of the games it includes, here.

But that’s not all! AtGames is also releasing an Atari Flashback Classic game console with 105 games and wired controllers as well as an Atari Flashback portable system with 70 games.

For the Sega Genesis, a Sega Genesis Classic game console will include 81 games and wired controllers and a Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable game player will include 85 games.

A release date for the various micro-consoles has not been announced nor have the prices, but AtGames says the systems will launch sometime in September.

By Daniel Wilson

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