The new controller is smaller, wired and has a tiny touch pad button

Sony announced that Hori will be bringing an official mini-controller to market and the company says it is aimed at helping “younger gamers” play more comfortably.

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, the controller is, “40 percent smaller than the DualShock 4 and has a simple form factor with a flat design that makes it easy to fit into smaller hands.”

It’ll retail at $29.99 when it releases “this holiday,” the post said. The officially-licensed Mini Wired Gamepad features all of the same buttons as the DualShock 4 except the post points out that certain touch pad functionality can be performed on the left or right joysticks. It also has a tiny touch pad button.

The controller does not have a light bar, motion controls, vibration, a speaker or a headset jack, but it does feature a 10-foot cable. You can find out more here.  The controller will only be offered in blue, but perhaps if it sells well, more colors will become available later.


By Daniel Wilson

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