Find out what else was announced, which trailers were shown and what games to look forward to in 2018

Sony is holding its 4th annual PlayStation Experience event this weekend in Anaheim and tonight kicked off the three day consumer show with “PlayStation Presents” – Sony’s keynote address, essentially, though they aren’t calling it that.

It was previously said (Update: And confirmed again by Layden during Miller’s interview – see below) that because of Sony participating in Paris Games Week recently, the PSX announcements would be scaled back this year.

Instead, Sony went with a more casual panel discussion featuring Mark Cerny, Andrew House, Shawn Layden, Horizon Zero Dawn managing director┬áHermen Hulst, PlayStation Blog’s Sid Shuman and even Hideo Kojima, among others.

Media Molecule’s Dreams was discussed in more detail and it was announced the game will be coming in 2018 and will be preceded by a beta. A live onstage demo of Detroit: Become Human showed more of the game’s decision-making system and got a huge crowd reaction as Hulst played the game and let the crowd help decide what he should do.

The show ended with a huge reveal of a PS4 remaster of PS1 classic Medievil when Layden showed off the shirt he was wearing. The shirt is on sale at the show and proceeds go to the developer of the remaster.

Take a look at all the announcements below and let us know what you thought of the show. Stay tuned to throughout the weekend for chances to win themes and other prizes as well as to watch footage from the show floor.

Update: Shawn Layden tells Greg Miller in post-presentation interview that PSN name changes should be possible by next PSX.

Announcements & Trailers

  • Firewall: Zero Hour – announced with a trailer, VR 4v4 shooter
  • God of War – game is on track and will release in 2018, will be 25-35 hours
  • The Last Guardian VR – coming for free on Dec. 12, will be standalone
  • Wipeout VR – will be free update to Omega Collection
  • Dreams – Media Molecule’s new game coming 2018, will have beta
  • Donut County – announced with a trailer, coming 2018
  • Jupiter & Mars – trailer shown, coming to PSVR
  • Blazblue Cross Tag Battle – gameplay shown, coming to PS4 in 2018
  • Soul Calibur VI – gameplay shown
  • Monster Hunter World – new trailer, play as 8-bit Megaman and listen to classic tracks
  • Death Stranding – Game Awards trailer shown
  • Medievil PS4 Remaster – Revealed by Shawn Layden’s shirt and a teaser was shown. More details to come.