Cardboard creations come to life for “kids and kids at heart” to enjoy

After teasing the announcement of a new experience for Nintendo Switch this morning that Nintendo said would be aimed at “kids and kids at heart”, Nintendo has unveiled Nintendo Labo.

Releasing on April 20, 2018, the new experience involves cardboard creations that come to life with the help of the Nintendo Switch.

According to The Verge, “The product itself comes in the form of a kit that includes a Nintendo Switch cartridge and a series of cardboard sheets, along with a handful of other building accessories like string and plastic connectors. After you pop the cartridge into the Switch, a series of on-screen instructions on the tablet take you through the steps for building each of the different accessories, which Nintendo is calling Toy-Con (a play on the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers). It’s a set-up that is particularly well-suited to parents playing with their children; one person can handle the instructions, while the other builds.”

According to Nintendo, the variety kit, which features the piano and several other items shown in the trailer, will retail for $69.99 and the robot kit will sell for $79.99. The kits include a Nintendo Switch cartridge and everything you need to build the included creations.

You can read more about Nintendo Labo in The Verge’s hands-on account and by visiting Nintendo’s official site. Stay tuned to Sac City Gamer for more information on Nintendo Labo as it becomes available.


By Daniel Wilson

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