Xbox Backward Compatibility program now features 435 Xbox 360 games

Xbox Backward Compatibility games list

Splinter Cell: Conviction added today, more original Xbox games coming this year

xboxbackwardThe Xbox 360 backward compatible program that allows downloaded and disc-based Xbox 360 games to run on Xbox One and Xbox One X now features 435 games.

The entire list of games can be seen here at Sac City Gamer’s regularly-updated rundown of all the titles you can play via the free service. Games can be played whether you own them on a disc or as a downloadable title and the Xbox One store features a section where games can be purchased if you don’t already own them.

In addition, all new Xbox Live Xbox 360 Games with Gold are added to the program if they’re not already part of it.

It was also recently reported that more original Xbox games will join the program some time this year. The new batch could join the 13 currently available as soon as this spring.

Be sure to stay tuned to SCG for our list of Xbox backward compatible games, Xbox Live Games with Gold, Xbox Game Pass games and more, all of which are updated as soon as announcements are made.

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