New system allows any gender to wear anything and includes items like wheelchairs

Microsoft’s previously announced Xbox Avatars 2.0 are finally launching on Xbox One and they include lots of diversity.

First announced at last year’s E3, the new avatars include items like wheelchairs and mechanical arms (for those who have lost a limb) as well as more diverse customization options. The new system allows all avatars to wear all items so folks who desire to create gender-neutral avatars, they can do just that.

According to The Verge, it’s not just diversity items that are new, but also items like skateboards and motorcycles.

Avatars 2.0 were originally aimed for a 2017 launch, but Microsoft missed that window.

The avatars are already in use by Microsoft employees are using the avatars already and they’ll be available to Xbox users in the tester program soon, ahead of their full launch some time next month, The Verge said.


A store will be added in May, according to Microsoft, and the new avatar system — which is built on the Unity engine — will be integrated into the Xbox dashboard similar to the previous Xbox Avatar system that was used on Xbox 360.