The disc version of the extremely popular Sonic Mania adds new modes and more on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and a teaser trailer seems to be pointing to a third entry in the Sonic kart racing series

Sega tweeted out a couple of exciting pieces of news today during its South by Southwest (SXSW) Sonic panel and the first one revolves around Sonic Mania.

Sonic Mania launched last year to a great reception and is now getting a physical release that Sega says will include lots of new content.

According to the company’s tweet, “Mighty and Ray join as playable characters, new Encore mode, 4P Competition mode, Holographic packaging, 32-page art book, and more” will be a part of the new Sonic Mania Plus.

The tweet went on to say the game will release this summer for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


The other big piece of news today is that Sega teased a new game and it appears a third Sonic Racing entry is launching at some point in the near future.

The teaser is just 22 seconds long, but features images of a race car, car engines sounds and a logo with just an “R” highlighted in red. The grayed-out part of the logo looks similar to the Sonic and Sonic racing logos.

Rumors of a new game in the Sonic Racing series, which saw Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing in 2010 and a sequel called Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed that added flight and watercraft with transforming cars in 2012, have been swirling online for quite some time.

Take a look at the teaser trailer for yourself below and be the judge as to whether you think it’s a new Sonic kart racing game or something else.

In other news, a new Sonic Mania animated series is coming to YouTube and Sega is teaming up with PUMA to sell Sonic shoes.