Rollcage-inspired Grip coming to consoles, CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling update shared, get Ultra Street Fighter IV free with Street Fighter Anniversary Collection and more 

Sac City Gamer’s regular feature “Gaming News & Notes” brings you periodic roundups of the hottest happenings from around the gaming industry that don’t necessarily warrant entire articles.

In addition to Nintendo’s big Indie announcement video earlier today, March 20’s highlights include a free copy of Ultra Street Fighter IV when you purchase the upcoming Street Fighter collection, an update on Ubisoft’s battle with Vivendi and some notes on upcoming and recently-release games, so take a look below at today’s Gaming News & Notes.

Free Ultra Street Fighter IV with purchase of Street Fighter collection

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection comes to PS4, Xbox One Nintendo Switch and PC on May 29 and will run buyers of the 12-game celebration of one of the best fighting game series ever created $39.99.

But, today on the PlayStation Blog, a big announcement sweetened the pot even more.

“…When you pre-order Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on PS4, you’ll receive Ultra Street Fighter IV to complete the legacy,” said Andy Wong, community manager for Capcom. “If you pre-order the physical copy, you’ll receive the game as a digital code on the receipt in North America. If you pre-order the digital copy, you’ll receive the code one-to-two weeks after May 29.”

Though news was shared of the bonus on the PlayStation Blog and in relation to PS4, according to Capcom, the pre-order bonus game will be available on other platforms as well.

The base game includes:

  • Street Fighter
  • Street Fighter II
  • Street Fughter II Champion Edition
  • Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting
  • Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Street Fighter Alpha Warriors’ Dreams
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Street Fighter III
  • Street Fighter III 2nd Impact Giant Attack
  • Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

Rollcage-inspired Grip coming to PS4

In a nostalgia-filled PlayStation Blog post, Chris Mallinson, game director for Grip, detailed the process that led him to want to create the game that is a spiritual successor to the Rollcage series.

The game is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well as PC later this year. The game released in February 2016 on Steam’s Early Access program and currently is ranked in the “very positive” range.

Having played the original series, we can confirm that if Grip does a good job living up to its predecessors, it’ll be an exciting arcade-racing experience.

CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling gets new character screenshot and an update on the game

Wrestling game series Action Arcade Wrestling saw two releases on Xbox 360’s Xbox Indie Games program, but has since evolved and teamed up with CHIKARA wrestling for a new title.

The game has been in development for quite some time and a console release has long been promised. Today, the game’s social media team shared a brand new screenshot of wrestler Fire Ant and shared an update on the game.

“Our multi-platform video game, CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling is deep into development, and today we wanted to give you a glimpse into what the team has been working on! Check out this in-game character model of Fire Ant! To keep up with the game’s evolution, follow [here].”

Microsoft exclusive Sea of Thieves from Rare released today and is facing issues

Microsoft and Rare’s long-awaited pirate game Sea of Thieves has finally launched, but according to GameSpot, the game is facing several performance issues.

Rare acknowledged the issues, stating that they’re simply being caused by too many people trying to access the game. The game is giving errors when players on both Xbox One and PC try to connect online. Other errors include issues with rewards not showing up.

Rare is working to fix the problems, according to its Twitter channel.

Ubisoft avoids buyout from Vivendi, Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered now available

For quite some time, Vivendi has been trying to buy Ubisoft by way of stock share takeover. Ubisoft announced today that Vivendi will sell its shares, thus avoiding a hostile takeover from the French media company.

Ubisoft thanked fans for their support in a tweet. You can read more about Ubisoft and Vivendi’s agreement here. Or you can read about it from Vivendi’s perspective, here.

In the Ubisoft press release, Yves Guillemot, CEO and Co-Founder if Ubisoft said, “The evolution in our shareholding is great news for Ubisoft. It was made possible thanks to the outstanding execution of our strategy and the decisive support of Ubisoft talents, players and shareholders. I would like to warmly thank them all. The investment from new long-term shareholders in Ubisoft demonstrates their trust in our future value creation potential, and Ubisoft’s share buy-back will be accretive to all shareholders. Finally, the new strategic partnership agreement we signed will enable Ubisoft to accelerate its development in China in the coming years and fully leverage a market with great potential.”

In other Ubisoft news, the company released its digital-only remastered edition of Assassin’s Creed Rogue, an Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag sequel that originally launched late in the PS3/Xbox 360 era. The game and its remaster are also available on PC. The remaster is available now and retails for $29.99. It includes all previously-released DLC.

You can take a look at the remaster’s launch trailer below.

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