PlayStation/Sega Humble Bundle, Discord on Xbox, new PlayStation Spotify features, Nintendo Switch hacked and more! 

Update: Added news about a new Xbox One system software update.

Sac City Gamer’s regular feature “Gaming News & Notes” brings you a roundup of the hottest news tidbits from around the gaming industry.

April 24’s highlights include a Discord and Xbox collaboration, Spotify and PlayStation update, details on a new PlayStation Humble Bundle and more.

PlayStation Sega Humble Bundle includes Dead Rising 1 and 2, Crazy Taxi and lots more

PlayStation, Humble Bundle and Sega have teamed up to support the American Red Cross, Save the Children and Rett Syndrome Research Trust.

As always, the pay-what-you-want charity bundle has a tiered system, starting with those who pay $1 or more receiving Dead Rising (PS4), Dustforce (PS Vita), Crazy Taxi (PS3) and Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz (PS Vita).

The second tier, the average, which is currently at $11.34, adds Resident Evil HD Remaster (PS4), Mega Man Legacy Collection (PS4), Resident Evil Code Veronica X (PS4), Sonic Generations (PS3), Alien Isolation (PS4) and Binary Domain (PS3). The final tier of $15 or more adds Dead Rising 2 (PS4) and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (PS4).

Monthly subscribers get a $2 Humble Wallet credit at the $15 or more tier. There are also several bonuses like 50 percent off each Yakuza 0 and Dead Rising 4 from the PlayStation Store and more. Visit Humble Bundle for more information or to donate to great causes and get some great games.

Xbox and Discord collaboration connects Discord users to Xbox Live 

According to Xbox Wire, Xbox and Discord have teamed up to offer connectivity between the social gaming site and Xbox gamers.


“Connecting with friends is such a big part of why people game,” the Xbox Wire post said. “Gamers all over the world use and love Discord to easily chat and connect with friends while they game. In the coming weeks, this collaboration will make it easier for gamers to choose to do just that – make it easier to connect and see what friends are playing across console and PC.”

For details on what features will be offered and how the connectivity works for users on both Xbox and Discord, visit the Xbox Wire post.

Nintendo Switch hacked, running Linux, could have negative effects on the system’s future

According to Eurogamer and several other online gaming news outlets, the Nintendo Switch has been hacked.

The hack originates from the system’s Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, so it is not able to be patched by Nintendo and would require a hardware revision for Nintendo to make the system secure from piracy and other hacks, according to the hackers.

You can read more about the hack, its implications and what action (spoiler: not much) Nintendo may be able to take to try to stop the bleeding by checking out Eurogamer’s in-depth article on the issue.

Hackers are often torn between releasing hacks because while many simply want to run homebrew and software like Linux to make a system’s features more versatile, there are those who will ultimately use the hacks for illegal actions like pirating games.

But with this hardware vulnerability, hackers don’t have much choice since the system is easy to exploit for pretty much anyone with the knowledge to do so. We’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out.

Sony brings new Spotify features to PlayStation with a new firmware update

Following a new system software update today on the PlayStation 4, Sony announced via its PlayStation Facebook page, some new features for Spotify users on the console.

“Starting today, you can share a track you’re listening to via your PS4 profile,” the post said. “See a song on your friend’s Profile, and play it straight from the Quick Menu.”

It’s unclear whether these features were added in the system software update, and Sony’s official page does not list this change–only that update 5.53 improves stability–but it’s interesting the announcement of these new features came on the same day as the system software update.

Also of note is that the new system software update installs in a different way than previous updates (no restart and a different screen than normal) and includes “01” after the version number, making it 5.53-01.

Does this suggest another update is coming soon? Some are speculating that it’s an update to an update. We’ll inform our readers with any new developments on the matter, so stay tuned to SCG.

Meantime, update your system to keep it secure and stable and be sure to check out those new Spotify features now that PlayStation Plus users can save 10 percent on a subscription to the music streaming service.


New system software update brings display options and more to Xbox One

Microsoft has rolled out a new update that has been available to preview program members for a while now. The update should be available now or some time over the next few days, according to a post on the Xbox Wire.

The update includes changes to video and display options, streaming, captures, themes, an update for the Edge browser, new features for clubs, hubs and tournaments and more. Take a look at all the new features and upgrades here.