Nintendo digital titles are now up for purchase via the home of the Humble Bundle

Dying to add some more titles to your handheld collection of 3DS and Switch games? Well, now you can do so from one more storefront.

The Humble Store has made several Nintendo digital titles available for purchase with the selection spanning both the company’s popular handheld and its handheld-console hybrid.

Some of the titles include Super Smash Bros., Arms and Splatoon 2 for Switch and several Pokemon titles for 3DS, among others. Also available to purchase are online Switch memberships and select season passes.

It’s important to note that the usual 10 percent discount on Humble Store purchases for Humble Monthly subscribers does not apply to Nintendo digital titles. Additionally, these games are only available to U.S. Humble Store users.

It’ll be interesting to see if any of the games will be offered at better sale prices than elsewhere, especially considering that many of these games are currently on sale despite the prices being full retail on the Humble Store currently.