The popular vehicular soccer game can now be played across consoles

Psyonix announced Monday via the PlayStation Blog that Rocket League is joining Fortnite as the second cross-play title.

That means Rocket League players on PC (Steam), Xbox One, Switch and PlayStation 4 can now play together.

In addition, Rocket League developer Psyonix said it will soon add cross-platform party play.

“But what about cross-platform parties? In our first update this year (more information coming soon), we will release our cross-platform party system, which allows you to partner up with friends on any platform with the push of a few buttons,” wrote Jeremy Dunham, Vice President of Marketing for Psyonix.

Unfortunately, that means for now, cross-platform play will only work in private matches.

To enable cross-play in Rocket League, players don’t need to do anything as it should be on by default. However, just in case it’s not turned on for you, here’s how to do it, as written by Dunham.

“To make sure that Cross-Platform play is enabled (it is by default), head to the Main Menu, select Options and then make sure the Cross-Platform Play box is checked in the Gameplay tab.”

By Daniel Wilson

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