Learn all the new details revealed about Sony’s upcoming console, including information about backward compatibility, storage and more

Speaking with Wired magazine, the lead architect on the PlayStation 4 Mark Cerny recently detailed the first specs and information of the PlayStation 5.

Among the tidbits he let out, the PS5 is said to be backward compatible with PS4 and it’ll use physical discs. That means, presumably, that the PS5 will be able to read PS4 discs. The PS5 will be partially based on PS4 infrastructure, according to Cerny.

Speaking of hardware, the system is said to run on an AMD chip based on third-generation Ryzen technology and will be able to support 8K resolutions for those who have compatible TVs.

It’ll also support ray tracing and feature eight cores of a seven-nanometer Zen 2 microchip, according to Wired. You can read more about the technical specifications over on Wired’s website.

Another exciting feature Cerny let out is that PS5 will also support PSVR, but Cerny did not let on as to whether we’ll see a PSVR2 at launch or in the PS5’s future.

Speaking of launch, Cerny said the system will not release in 2019.

Additionally, PS5 will support a Solid State Drive over a Hard Disc Drive, making load times quite a bit faster.

No word on a price or release date was shared, but a leak suggested that the PS5 could cost $499.99 at launch.

We’ll have more details on the PS5 as they’re announced in the coming months. We’ll probably know more soon, despite Sony skipping E3 this year. It’s most likely that Sony will host some other type of gaming conference to reveal more details on upcoming games and, of course, the PlayStation 5.