The company will begin shipping the devices September 18.

Nintendo’s new SNES-style wireless controllers for Nintendo Switch Online members are now available for pre-purchase. 

The controllers, which are intended for use with SNES titles on the service, sell for $29.99 each and Nintendo Online members can purchase up to four controllers per account. In order to purchase from the official websitemembers must log in first to verify membership.

According to the order page, orders will begin shipping to pre-purchasers on Wednesday, September 18.

The controller includes a USB cable for charging, but the controller can be charged using the Nintendo Switch AC adapter as well. 

Nintendo recently announced and launched SNES games, playable by Nintendo Online subscribers, and plans to add more games to the service in the near future.

The lineup of 20 games includes titles like Super Mario World, F-Zero and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

The new controller allows gamers to play those SNES games using a control pad similar to the original SNES experience.

Similarly, Nintendo offers a two-pack of NES-style wireless controllers that connect to the Switch and charge in a similar manner to the Joy-Con controllers that are standard on the Switch.

Those controllers are intended for use with the NES games that are also included for Nintendo Online subscribers. Unlike the NES-style controllers, the SNES pads do not connect to the sides of the Switch for charging.

The NES controller pair sells for $59.99 and is limited to one purchase per account. 

Both the SNES- and NES-style controllers work with other games as well. They do not feature joysticks, so compatibility with other titles is limited. 

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