The new website concept will focus on Daniel Wilson’s thoughts on video games, pro wrestling, business, entertainment and more

When I started Sac City Gamer in 2011, it was meant to be a blog. A site where I could share my thoughts on gaming and write about why I love the hobby so much.

Eventually, it evolved into a site for gaming news, reviews, opinions and more. I even teamed up with a college friend, Michael Jones, and featured reviews and writing from others as well. I had huge ambitions and dreams to turn it into a bustling, complete website that could compete on some level with other video game news websites.

Over time, I graduated college, got a full-time job, took on more personal responsibilities and just got deeper into life and I realized my dreams for making the site into something bigger were probably a little bit beyond my scope. Not because it was too much work or too difficult, and definitely not because I wasn’t dedicated to accomplishing my goals, but because I realized I’m not into the other aspects of running a website.

Again, it’s not the amount of work, but rather the type of work. Working behind the scenes isn’t really my goal as a writer. And I don’t really care about being known on a popularity basis, but I do want to develop a reputation for knowing what I’m talking about and for being a trustworthy source of information, news and even critical opinions.

In other words: I created SCG to write. I wanted to write about video games, review games, share news here and there and just have an outlet for my thoughts. If people want to read them, great. If not, fine. There are lots of excellent gaming news sites out there and in trying to find my unique voice, I realized I should do that very thing: Focus on my own voice. What does Daniel Wilson bring to the table?

Well, that led me to realize that I’m not just about video games. I can provide my journalistic abilities to talk about my feelings and share occasional news, most likely with a local focus, on business, technology, entertainment (movies, music, TV), pro wrestling and more.

But I want to do it in a way that’s unique to me.

I want to provide something you can’t get anywhere else. I’m currently covering news that everyone else is covering and don’t really have time to do that and provide insight on the events of the day.

What’s next

I’ve decided, after nearly a decade of Sac City Gamer, it’s time to end SCG and move on to a new project. Sac City Gamer will be 10 years old on Oct. 11, 2022 and before it makes it to that milestone, I plan to transition it into its next phase.

You see, I don’t plan to start a brand new site. It’ll still be right here.

Most of the SCG content will remain and some of the features, like sharing the monthly PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold titles, occasional big news, covering events like E3 and more, will continue, but the new concept will allow me to expand my scope, share my thoughts and have the ability to do it in my spare time rather than feeling pressured to always have new content up every day as news happens.

However, in expanding my scope, I also want to scale back my promises. I don’t plan to strive to cover the majority of gaming news anymore because I’m only one person and I have very little time to dedicate to this website.

My goal will be to post about three times a week going forward.

The new site will be more focused on the things I’m interested in. It’ll be more of a blog, I guess you could say. I’m not a huge fan of that word because it sounds like something a person might start to document one’s journey with a new hobby or to write about their cats.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I’m a degree-wielding journalist and I plan to take it a step further when there’s time for that. So, I like to think of it as a bit more professional than a personal blog, but I’m no longer able to aim for it to be a professional gaming site that covers the majority of gaming news.

It’ll be a site about me: a journalist from Sacramento who enjoys video games, pro wrestling, music, movies, TV, technology and business. And I’ll be writing my thoughts on these industries, reviews, previews, sharing big news and more. It’ll be a fun time. I promise.

Additionally, I still want to occasionally write about fun stuff going on in Sacramento, but that will no longer be a sole focus of this site. If you enjoy my writing, my insight and my website, please stay tuned. There’s definitely more to come.