Those hoping to use their Xbox Series X or Series S as an emulation machine may need to rethink that decision

Many Xbox Series S and Series X users have been using Developer Mode to emulate classic consoles like NES, SNES, N64 and PlayStation, but Microsoft intended the mode for those who want to develop and test games on its consoles.

According to several reports online from gamers and gaming news sites, Microsoft is finally cracking down on the use of this mode for activities other than game development.

Users of the forum GBATemp, as well as several people on Twitter, have noted that Microsoft is revoking access to the mode for anyone who hasn’t uploaded anything to the store in the past 90 days.

The message given when the access is revoked is as follows, according to a user at GBATemp:

“We have disabled the Windows and Xbox enrollment in your Microsoft Partner Center account because it did not have an active presence in the Store. For reference, see the Developer Code of Conduct, which says that an active presence in the Store must be maintained.”

With all the backlash to this response from Microsoft, it’ll be interesting to see if the company changes course or scales back the revocations at all.

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By Daniel Wilson

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