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Sac City Gamer is run by Daniel Wilson, a gamer and journalist from the Sacramento region, and focuses on major gaming news across all platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC and mobile), opinions and hot takes, in-depth and quick reviews, fun lists, gaming resources and more.

Our other aim is to cover standout members of the local gaming community in the Sacramento area, so if that sounds like you, give us a holler and SCG will be in touch! We’d love to feature your gaming adventures!

Our Style

Sac City Gamer adheres to journalistic standards, including Associated Press style and the SPJ code of journalistic ethics, but we also have some style guidelines unique to SCG.

Sac City Gamer follows a strictly-unbiased approach to news coverage. The opinion articles, reviews and lists represent the opinion of the individual writer and don’t necessarily reflect the opinion of the website, its owner or the opinions of other contributors. Feature articles tend to have a mix of facts and opinion and we’re as transparent as possible when personal views are introduced.

SCG Community

We encourage you, the reader, to share your opinion as well via the comments section, our Facebook page and on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and elsewhere. Just, please, be respectful of others as we have a zero tolerance policy.

What We Cover and Don’t Cover

Sac City Gamer is run and produced by one person. Obviously, SCG doesn’t have the resources to cover everything. SCG covers big news (e.g. new game announcements, gaming conferences, game cancellations, new console information and more). We also write game reviews (though not as often as we’d like), opinion articles and lists, update our readers on subscription services and other services and we try to keep up with new developments on stories we’ve covered in the past.

We don’t usually cover game updates for already-released games (DLC, patches, etc. because if you play these games, you know about the updates or where to find that information), rumors or leaks, gossip or non-major game industry drama. Lastly, the focus is on the big stuff, so we don’t always cover stuff like a game’s release date getting pushed back or a new character coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

History & Mission Statement

Sac City Gamer aims to represent the Sacramento region and create a space for all gamers to learn about the biggest and latest gaming updates, provide unbiased news and honest reviews and produce fun and exciting lists and other stories to entertain our audience and help video game enthusiasts stay informed.

Though we can’t cover everything, SCG truly cares about bringing gamers the most up-to-date and accurate information possible. Plus, you’ll get the big stuff from us without all the noise.

Bookmark SCG today and be a part of something special!

Even if you’re not from Sacramento, there’s plenty of great content here for every gamer and you can feel confident SCG’s coverage is accurate and trustworthy as SCG is run by a degree-holding journalist, who was educated in Sacramento.

Staff & Contributors

Sac City Gamer was established on October 11, 2012 by Daniel Wilson as a personal blog.

Daniel Wilson is the founder, owner and editor-in-chief of SCG and works as a news writer, game reviewer, site designer and more.

We’d like to thank our past contributors: Michael Jones, who wrote opinions, reviews and helped with site design and site copy; and Callib Carver, who wrote reviews.

Social Media

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Thank you for supporting SCG. Please bookmark the site and check back often. SCG aims to update 3-5 times a week and promises not to spam your inbox or social media feed.


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Reproduction of anything from this website without permission from Daniel Wilson or the content’s respective owner(s) is strictly prohibited. Any violations will be taken seriously and legal action will be pursued. We do not always specify where images and videos are from, but generally they are owned or captured by SCG, used with permission, are from official press kits or releases, are used under fair-use laws or are from public sources such as YouTube.

Any media owner who desires to have media removed should contact us and it will be removed immediately, upon request.

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